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Gingiva Expansion For Mac Released



My thank you to my generous friend who ported the update.

This version includes a treasure trove of fixes and added material.

You can download the Mac version of the patch from Gamejolt and RMN.

so much love for this


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((i drew this yesterday when the pressure on my tablet wasnt working, bu t  i di dnt post it cos tumblr kept frcking up the quality… which is still all mashed up but its better than it was, just . click view on high-res))
ANYWAY, shes mergur's fleshy knightsona C.O. knight and i love love love her and her massive back tongue  +A+ 

aaaah nomad’s rift-sprite in gingiva is so adorable

Oh my god the tag keeps updating I’m-

Guys, is it alright if I draw your knightsonas? (let me know with a like or a reblog :’) yeah)

But guys

what if beachpro the third

man, what if


The thimble knight joined the fray weeks ago… but nobody noticed because they’re super tiny.